Class Curriculum from Other Adult Schools


Here are some great, pre-made lesson plans per level made from other adult schools! 

Here are some links to other adult school materials on this unit, but be forewarned some are overwhelming:




Sample resumes: (this site has the motherload)


For Fun – Links to Resume Bloopers


Video resources:

Here are some sample resumes and other docs to use:

Practice Materials: Job Applications


There are some great resources on Job Applications in your Future and Stand Out class textbooks.

Here are some videos your students can watch:

Here are some additional resources:

Practice Material: Occupations/Job Titles


There are some great materials on job titles in your Stand Out and Future class sets.

Here are some videos your students can watch:

Here are some additional resources for you to use:

Practice Materials: Vocabulary


Remember, your Stand Out and Future textbooks have great resources in this area!

Vocabulary – not a complete list!

  • Careers/types of jobs (teacher, police officer, construction worker, CEO, etc)
  • Experience
  • Pay/wage/salary
  • Flexible
  • DOE (depending on experience)
  • Available
  • Per hour
  • Appt
  • Ref (references)
  • Pt/ft (part time full time)
  • Wknd (weekend)
  • Networking
  • Previous
  • AM/PM
    minimum wage
  • At will
  • Utilize
  • Objective
  • Felony
  • Conviction
  • Skills/qualifications
  • Mandatory

Here are some additional Vocabulary materials for this unit: